314mm brake upgrade (1/2)

Saab Oct 15, 2018

Time to go big - this is what I had in mind the last time I was on the Autobahn. Even though I am a calm driver, I enjoy going fast on the Autobahn.

Some might say now - this is dangerous!
Absolutely it is! However, I only hit these speeds when traffic and the weather allow it.

So far I have no accidents or close calls on count, which speaks for my driving style.
Yet I noticed a few issues with the stock 15" 285mm rotors.

Not that I hit the brakes in the last moment as hard as I can, but I tend to brake as early as possible as I do not want to end up in the trunk of someone else.
Once you go beyond 240kph for a longer time you will have issues to estimate your speed and the speed of others properly.
Therefore, early braking is the way to go.

I brake in "intervalls" to allow the system to breath, e.g. 270 -> 200 -> 150 -> 80.
Logically the force on the system is greater the faster the car goes, since the force is calculated by mass and velocity.
However, it happened to me during hot summer days that the system would heat up too fast, making stock speeds already problematic.

Saab offers 4 sizes for their rotors (speaking of the front axle):

  • 285mm (15")
  • 302mm (16")
  • 314mm (16"+)
  • 345mm (17")

Since most people said you can't feel to much of a difference between the 285mm and 302mm system, I went straight for the 314mm.
The parts required, were:

  • 2x Brake rotors (93175606)
  • 1x Set of 4 brake pads (12802167)
  • 2x Brake calipers (93176375 & 93176376)
  • 2x Holders for the calipers (93176378)
  • 2x Clamp for the brake holder and caliper (93176377)

Finding all of these wasn't a problem at all.
However, the holders turnt out to be rarely available in Germany.
Yet I was lucky and could get a set of Opel Vectra C calipers and holders for just 100€.
These were used, but seemed to be properly serviced and taken care of.

Overall material cost is around 290€, not including lube, brake cleaner and brake fluid, since I have those already at hand.
So in total you would end up around 300-320€.


Dust shield

Since my car comes with 285mm rotors and dust shields, the later one needs to be adjusted.
You can either cut or bend the shield. Personally I will try to bend it first.
Removing and replacing the shield is a pain in the arse, since the wheel hub needs to be removed to access it. In case you do this, you will also have to replace the wheel hub itself.

Rim issues

The 16"+ system has issues with a few rims. Currently I am running 16" ProLine VX100 rims, which should be unproblematic.
However, I read in many forums that the stock winter steel rims might not fit.


This might only be a deal for German readers.
The 16"+ system can be used without any legal issues on the car, since its offered by Saab optionally and the Vectra C parts have the same part number as the Saab ones.
Things might look a bit different on the 9-5. Yet the majority of TÜV people say its fine for them.
They rather see some big brakes than worn and low quality ones.

Rear upgrade

If you are interested in a rear brake upgrade - the stock 15" system is 278mm.
The upgrade version (16") is 292mm.
Part list:

  • 2x Brake rotors (9191336)
  • 1x Set of 4 brake pads (12799240)
  • 2x Brake calipers (B207R (Aero): 93172186 & 93172187 / B207L: 12800336 & 12800337)
  • 2x Holders for the calipers (93172189)

In this case the 15" clamps are the same as the 16" ones and therefore can be reused, if desired.
Again the dust shields needs to be adjusted.
Running this system with steel rims should not be an issue.


Rey Koxha

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