Article April 13, 2019

292mm rear Aero brake upgrade

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First of all excuse me for the downtime. A few days ago I tried to get my XMPP server XEP-0368 compliant. However, due to a wrong NGINX setup it rendered the site inaccessible.

The problem now has been...

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Article October 21, 2018

314mm brake upgrade (2/2)

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I was really excited for the parts to arrive and luckily they came pretty fast. Tuesday I was already greated by the brake pads, followed by the rotors and clamps on Wednesday and the calipers on Thursday afternoon.

What shall I say? Alone the weight...

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Article October 15, 2018

314mm brake upgrade (1/2)

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Time to go big - this is what I had in mind the last time I was on the Autobahn. Even though I am a calm driver, I enjoy going fast on the Autobahn.

Some might say now - this is dangerous!
Absolutely it is! However, I only hit these speeds when traffic...

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