"Protune" review or How to bust a scammer

Saab Aug 16, 2019

The more I write about the Trionic the more people message me with their tunes, asking if they are fine or not. Usually I just reply back to those people, but I never really make it public. Mostly because the tuners, which made the tunes are unknown or no longer active in the scene anyway.

However, in this specific case I want to break my silence. A guy on the TrionicTuning forum messaged me, that he had bought a tune from a well known Danish tuner called "Lars Klausen". Klausen had charged him approximately 1500DKK (around 200€) for the tune, but the tune did not perform as it should.

The same person later on got the car properly mapped by a real protuner for half the price and send me the file for extensive analysis. Since I had Sony Vegas laying around since almost 2 years and was bored anyway, I decided to break my usual silence and make a video. More than that, I have also made a post on the Danish Saab Club Facebook page where Klausen is an administrator.

But watch for yourself.

Here my post on Facebook.

If Klausen decides to delete the post, I will post it over and over again. Until people realize how dangerous his tune is. To prove my claim, I just want you to take a look at two protune fueling maps.


Just weird that those maps look pretty much like the stock, right?

Not only that this tune is overpriced, its literally a scam opposing severe risk to engine damage due to extreme knocking! As shown in the video not only is the software underfueled, but also running very aggressive ignition angles at the same time, which increase knocking further.

While I am waiting to see what will happen next, I have to put a big exclamation mark here and must warn anybody to buy tunes from this person. If you have done so, feel free to contact me and I will inspect and fix the file free of charge.

If you do not know how to read the binary, have other questions, want to give feedback or anything else, feel free to message me as well. I will help wherever I can.

Going to keep you updated.

Update #1

As expected my post has been deleted. Therefore, I made a part two.
Furthermore, I also decided to make a German review of the tune.

Update #2

Someone else sent me a tune from Lars too. He had his B207E converted to a B207R. Result speaks for itself.

Rey Koxha

Not much to read here.

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