Welcome to my homepage. As you might have already guessed - my name is Rey Koxha.
I am currently 22 years old and study Medical Computer Science at the THM Giessen.
While some might know me already, others don’t. Therefore, here a little overview of what I did in the past.


NodeBB WebView

One of my most used and known apps is the NodeBB WebView app for Android.
Thanks due to OneSignal integration, it allows you to receive notifications about posts on NodeBB forums on the go.
Furthermore, the app is capable of displaying any site allowing universal use.



Wupload was my first web project ever. Its purpose was to establish a file sharing service with maximum privacy in mind.
With servers hosted in over 10 different Geos, Wupload was able to offer a relatively large global coverage of its service.
However, in 2015 the site had to be closed due to copyright issues.

In its peak time Wupload had more than 250TB traffic a day and ranged as one of the 10K most visited websites world wide.


After the downfall of Meizu Me by Carl Pei, Meizufans was founded.
Not even 6 months after its creation, Meizufans was recorgnized by both Meizu Hong Kong and Meizu China as an official site.
Given to this success Meizufans quickly surpassed Meizu Me in all aspects.

In mid 2015 personal issues with Meizu appeared resulting in takedown attempts by Meizu.
Yet I didn’t give up and reworked the site within a day, making it one of the largest forums at the time to adopt NodeBB.

Soon after these actions, informations were leaked to the public giving the site a huge traffic boost.
With more than 2 mio. visitors a month Meizufans quickly established to the 75K most popular sites globally, allowing it to gain access to Google AdExchange.

Operation was suspended on 31st of December 2017, due to personal reasons.
After more than 4 years it was about time to pull the plug, since Meizu was becoming a sinking ship.

Meizufans stored a total of 900GB in firmwares, making it the most complete firmware archive for Meizu devices at the time being.
Traffic for the free to use and publicly accessible archive was around 60TB (peak +500TB) a month with downloads from Geos around the world.
Even a few North Korean visitors appeared on the site.

During the time with Meizufans I learnt how to build a highly performant, yet resource and especially cost efficient backend.


Of course I am not old enough to retire yet. Therefore, I am seeking for new challenges from time to time, which you can read about in this blog.


Saab 9-3II MY03 “1.8t”

As of now this is my only active “project”. Since February 2018 I do own a Saab 9-3II.
Even though it might appear as a slow and old car, its far away from being one.

Thanks to T8Suite I was able to get around 230HP out of the car without any hardware modifications.
Currently, the car is receiving almost every month new parts to take it for more than 300HP.
As of now the car runs 270kph on even ground and 290kph downhill, thus being limited by the 5 speed gearbox.

Saab 9-5 MY03 “2.3t”

One Saab alone is never enough. Bought in August 2018 from a former olympic rower. The car itself was a snap, yet it had a few issues.
The bonnet was scratched, parking sensors and reverse light weren’t working, rear light cracked, rear Saab logo was falling apart and the rear brakes were a missery.
Not even to speak about smaller issues.

Yet there were some good news. The engine had failed and was rebuilt for over 7K from the previous owner at Saab in 2010. Clutch had been renewed in 2013.

Overall around 700€ were invested to get the car back in good condition.

From originally 185HP and 280Nm, I went for 240HP and 400Nm, which the car performs just nicely.
As of now no real upgrades are planned here, except a gearbox upgrade for higher speeds, since the current one limits the car at 240kph.

Mercedes-Benz C180 CGI W204

Don’t ask why… its just boring.


Please do not send in ANY requests for me to make a tune or modify a car for you.
I only work for a very limited client base, which is completely saturated as of now!

However, if you want I can take a look at your files free of charge.
If you want me to do so, just send in your binary and I will try to review it within 7-14 working days.

All brands, model years and engines are welcome, yet keep in mind that I am more focused on petrol based engines.