KOXHA.DE 2.0 - Time for an update

Article November 02, 2019

KOXHA.DE 2.0 - Time for an update

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Smaller, cheaper, faster.

After running with the same boring design for over a year, I thought it was about time to give the site a little repaint. Front- and backend wise!

KOXHA.DE has been migrated to a new server hosted in Germany by netcup GmbH.
If you are seeking for decent hardware for an affordable price I can highly recommend their service. Especially since Scaleway’s pricing plans became less tempting.

Not that their baremetal services weren’t enough for my needs. I decided it was about time to get back to enterprise RDBMS and therefore, was seeking for an appropiate test instance. Especially DB2 and 19c have gathered my attention with features like automated indexing or BLU Acceleration (available since DB2 10.5), which I just wanted to mess with.

Besides that I also decided to move back to my roots and give a RPM based distro a shot. For my younger readers - I ran my very first websites on Windows Server 2008R2, later on moving to 2010 just to end up with CentOS 6.4 in late 2013 - basically it was my first CMD only Linux distro.

However, as I had very little knowledge back then I quickly moved to Ubuntu 14.04 and remained with it until now as I just was too lazy to switch back again. Which basically answers the question, which Linux distro I recommend to beginners - Ubuntu.

The reason for it is pretty simple. The majority of all guides or documentation you will find on the net has been written for distros like Debian or Ubuntu as they are the most commonly used distros for Linux servers (apart from RHEL).

Frontend wise the site also made a big change.
Instead of Ghost we are now running Hexo, which offers the benefit of static site generation and therefore, the best speed possible.

Regarding my former content - while I will just transfer most of it, I will also make an effort to update and improve older articles, making them more pleasing to read and run through.

Therefore, do not panic, if some posts and pages haven’t been transfered yet! I will complete the movement ASAP.