2nd service, gearbox fluid and shock absorbers... (1/2)

Saab Dec 02, 2018

Oil change

12.000km later with the 9-3 its time for its second service. This time I will try a different oil - Mannol 5W40 Extreme. Usually I use Total Quartz Energy 9000, however since the Mannol was unbelievably cheap, I couldn't resist trying it and since I change the oil every 12.000km its not too much of an issue.

Mannol 5W40 Extreme

With 12,49€ per 5l (6l are needed, so 2x5l) its the cheapest oil I could find, which matches the GM specifications - and before you ask, yes the filter will be replaced as well. The drain plug itself is not even a year old and will be reused.

Manual gearbox fluid

Since the gearbox has been punished quite a lot (hard accelerations, Vmax drives, etc.) I also thought about replacing it and cleaning the magnet holding potential metal pieces. Before you ask, we are not speaking of an automatic gearbox. Its a manual!

Even though its said that the oil used is a lifetime fill, I do not have too much trust in this. Wherever there is friction, parts and fluids wear out and so they do in a gearbox.

febi bilstein 32590

The oil to be used has the part number 93165290. I ordered 3l febi bilstein 32590 gearbox oil for 6,50€/l. Additionally Loctite is recommended for the drain and fill plug of the gearbox.

Rear shocks and brakes

Monroe 376120SP, Sachs 802331 and febi bilstein 16744

Lastly I have to take care of the rear. By visual inspection I noticed that the first shock absorbers started to rust. While for some this is not an issue, I would never save on security related parts. Therefore, they are to be replaced as well. With 24,50€ per shock (Monroe OESpectrum) + 17,70€ (Sachs) per mount these will be cheaper to do than the front axle.

Brake rotors looked nice, while the pads were worn. Since new pads from febi bilstein were just 8,96€ I will replace those as well.

Total costs & estimated work

In total this means 151,94€ for parts and fluids.

While I need less than 15 minutes for an oil change, the gearbox will be a bit tricky. The WIS claims that it can be easily drained by removing the front left tire, yet other sources claim that its very difficult to reach the drain plug. Therefore, I count around 1h for the change.

The rear should be a lot easier. Brake pad replacement - 15 minutes per side.

Shocks and mounts do not need to be reused and can be prepared. They are secured by 4 bolts in total. 1 for shock - axle journal, 3 for mount - body. Getting this done should take less than 15 minutes. as well.

Total estimate is around 2.15h, yet I think I will end up around 3-4h working relaxed.


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