292mm rear Aero brake upgrade

Saab Apr 13, 2019

First of all excuse me for the downtime. A few days ago I tried to get my XMPP server XEP-0368 compliant. However, due to a wrong NGINX setup it rendered the site inaccessible.

The problem now has been resolved. Lets get to the actual topic though.

As some of you might have read already I installed the 314mm Aero front brakes in October. While this already greatly improved the force of my brakes it caused the front ones to be overloaded under high load. Especially braking from more than 200kph felt a bit uncomfortable. Therefore, it was necessary to upgrade the rear ones as well.

The first issue was to find the rear brake calipers for an acceptable price. Most people sell them for a little fortune on eBay, especially when you seek for Saab ones. Since our 9-3II has the same brakes and suspension as the Opel Vectra C & Signum, I tried to find these.

Cleaning one of the rear calipers

I ended up with a pair of used brake calipers and holders for less than 110€. They were dirty, but I cleaned them with a steel brush.

New rotors and pads were another 75€, which I picked from Textar again. A note here - some people asked me about which brand to pick. In my opinion it barely matters, just make sure to stick with premium brands. The Saab OEM supplier is ATE, which is also a good choice.

Lets get back to work - above you see how the old system looked like. Its a solid rotor and a caliper with a 38mm cylinder.

New brake system

The new system is vented and features a 40mm cylinder. As you might notice I also decided to paint the calipers, which looks actually really nice along with the yellow text on the pads.

Painted front calipers

Installation itself is actually quite the same as the front ones. However, instead of cutting the dust shield, I decided to bend it with a pair of pliers. It takes quite some force, but its doable for sure and looks better than cutting them of completely.

Here the torque specs:

  • Brake caliper mount - 130Nm+45°
  • Brake caliper - 28Nm
  • Center screw for rotor - 7Nm

To bleed the system I used a vacuum pump, which I purchased for less than 20€ on Amazon.

Another tip - the handbrake might not work properly in the begining. Since Saab is using an automatical tightening one all you need to do, is to pull the handbrake 20-30 times.

For those interested in new posts about Trionic - I received a bunch of Aero injectors a few weeks ago. Once I have passed TÃœV in May I will install and setup them up, showing you how to adopt new hardware.

Until then I will work on a Stage 1 for a MY08 9-3II.

Rey Koxha

Not much to read here.

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